Private Yoga Lessons

Seeking extra personal support?
Unusual schedule?
Don’t enjoy the yoga studio experience?

Why not try private lessons?

  • 30- to 90-minute sessions
  • experienced & supportive teacher to help you build a personalized practice
  • yoga mat, filtered water, & hand towel provided for free

Develop a Personalized Series

I can help you develop a personalized yoga series to practice in the comfort of your home. Here’s how it works:

Initial Consultation (90 minutes)

  • We spend some time together in my studio or your Peterborough home to figure out what you want to achieve through yoga, as well as any physical concerns that may influence your practice.
  • We work through several movements and poses together to determine what works for you and what doesn’t, always with an eye towards avoiding injury.

Being able to explore the different yoga stretches and positions that felt good for ME was fabulous! I feel great 🙂 Thank you for greeting me at the door, for taking the time to get to know a little bit about me, and for looking after my comfort and well being during our session.

~ RA

Series Development & Test Drive

  • I take what we did together and develop a series just for you.
  • I email you the series and instructions for each pose that will allow you to do it safely.
  • You explore it on your own a couple of times to see what needs to be clarified or changed.

Refinement & Finalization (60 minutes)

  • We meet again to work through your questions and concerns and refine the series as needed.
  • I email you a revised personalized series for you to use on your own.


$150 including HST

Regularly $200 +HST. Save over $55!



Private Lessons

  • Deepen your current practice or start a new one
  • Learn the nuances of the poses in your personalized series or modify it to make it more challenging as you progress

$50 including HST

Regularly $60 +HST. Save almost $20/hour!



Contact me to book your lessons.