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My Teaching Philosophy

  • Almost anyone can do and benefit from yoga.
  • If pain, no gain.
  • Learn by asking.
  • Yoga is not a competition or a show.
  • The practice space should be a safe space.

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What Balance At Work Clients are Saying…

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Andrew’s Healthy Movement Workshop provided an excellent opportunity for our staff to come together and learn about increasing personal efficiency and wellness in an office environment. For staff reluctant to try something new, Andrew takes the intimidation away with simple, yet effective, exercises that are easy to understand and complete. With “gentle” and “deep” alternatives, individuals can choose how to participate based on personal comfort levels and can inquire about modified options to accommodate injuries.

Andrew’s upbeat and engaging personality was infectious! He had everybody participating, laughing, and ultimately benefiting from the workshop. Andrew goes above and beyond by providing his Workplace Wellness Guide to all participants as a quick reference back in the office. This session is highly recommended for anyone considering something a little different for their next staff event.

Species Conservation Policy Branch, MNRF

Andrew’s DeStressing workshop created the opportunity for our staff to have an open conversation about the ways we experience stress at our workplace, and to reflect the impact that has on our mental and physical wellbeing. Andrew was then able to provide us with strategies and tools that responded to our experiences and addressed our individual and group needs. The workshop was a positive experience, and since then, we have worked to implement a systems of prompts that reminds us to practice those strategies on a more consistent basis.

Brianna Salmon

Executive Director, Peterborough GreenUP

Andrew’s teaching style and instructions were excellent and tailored to improve the health and wellness of people working in an office environment. Andrew was able to speak and instruct on healthy movements and exercises with particular credibility because he has first-hand experience working in office environments and understands the types of physical and emotional stress associated with employees in this field of work.

Additionally, Andrew demonstrated compassion, practicality and was able to adapt exercises to suit employees with physical challenges in a judgement-free manner that encourages non-traditional participants of yoga to ‘try something new’, and feel good about doing so.

Brad Steinberg

Learning Program & Natural Education Coordinator, Operations & Development Section, Ontario Parks, MNRF

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