Physical and Mental Stress in the Workplace

You and your team work hard. You sit or stand or run around all day and likely experience some level of stress, even if you love your job.

Whatever you do, doing the same thing over and over for days, weeks, months on end can harm your body and affect your health and well-being.

Improving physical and mental wellness in the workplace can increase employee productivity, morale, and loyalty, and can reduce sick days and demands on health benefit plans.

“Andrew ably argued for the value of incorporating simple yoga postures, readily modified for the office setting, into the workday to relieve physical and mental stress. … After an interesting talk on the subject, he led the audience through a 20-minute session right in our chairs. Smiling, relaxed faces told the story of the value of the exercises.”

Excerpt from a recent blog post by Adaptive Health Care Solutions.

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How Balance At Work Can Help

I offer educational presentations and practical workshops that provide the tools you need to manage the mental and physical stresses of the workplace.

Whether you’re a manager wanting to support your team’s health and wellness or an employee wanting to bring some movement into your workday, my services will provide you and your co-workers with the knowledge and tools you need to incorporate regular movement into your day.  Check them out…

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Interested in discussing how I can help you and your team find balance in mind and body?

Educational Presentations

Embrace the power of knowledge

Understanding how stress and inactivity affect our health can be a powerful motivator. Both presentations take about 1 hour but can be modified to suit your needs.

Get Up and Move!
This presentation explains the health risks of prolonged sitting and the importance of moving throughout the day to offset those risks, describes the health benefits of yoga, addresses some common (mis)perceptions about yoga, and introduces participants to a few movements that they can do at their desks to integrate movement into their workdays.

De-Stressed, Not Distressed
This session outlines the physical and mental health risks of chronic stress, describes the relationship between stress and the body, and introduces a few simple movements, breathing exercises, and mind techniques that staff can do at their workstations to manage acute stressors as they arise.


Workplace Yoga Sessions

Find relief from workplace stress and repetitive (in)activity

I offer yoga sessions ranging from 30 to 90 minutes and can tailor them to suit your needs, schedule, and budget. Anyone can benefit from my gentle series that provides a full-body stretch and strengthen, relieves stress, and leaves you feeling relaxed and energized. I can lead these sessions in your workplace, or, if you don’t have a suitable space for this, you could come to my conveniently located downtown Peterborough practice space.

Practical Workshops

Take care of yourself throughout the day

A perfect agenda item for an all-day meeting. Typically 90 minutes long but can range from a 15-minute guided stretch or relaxation session to a full 1.5-to-2-hour workshop.

Healthy Movement Workshop
This workshop teaches gentle and more advanced variations of several stretches and movements that can be done at the desk.  If done for 3-5 minutes each hour, the result would be a full-body stretch and strengthen totaling 30-45 minutes of movement in an 8-hour workday. After the workshop, I provide a 1-page guide to hang on an office/cubicle wall, a booklet that describes each action in a bit more detail, and four weekly follow-up/encouragement emails to all participants.

De-Stressed, Not Distressed
This workshop offers a very brief overview of stress and provides several practical tools for managing it. I teach a variety of breathing exercises, gentle stretches, and simple mind techniques that will help you and your team deal with acute stressors as they arise.

Healthy Movement Program

Putting it all together

This is simply my Healthy Movement Workshop followed by a minimum of four yoga sessions to allow staff to get to know the poses better and learn any modifications that may be needed to meet individual bodies’ needs. This program runs for a minimum of 4 weeks and can continue for as long as you want.

This brief clip was filmed after I gave my Get Up & Move! presentation at a Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce Lunchbox Learning session.

What Balance At Work Clients are Saying…

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Andrew Jobes’ Healthy Movement Workshop provided an excellent opportunity for our staff to come together and learn about increasing personal efficiency and wellness in an office environment. For staff reluctant to try something new, Andrew takes the intimidation away with simple, yet effective, exercises that are easy to understand and complete. With “gentle” and “deep” alternatives, individuals can choose how to participate based on personal comfort levels and can inquire about modified options to accommodate injuries.

Andrew’s upbeat and engaging personality was infectious! He had everybody participating, laughing, and ultimately benefiting from the workshop. Andrew goes above and beyond by providing his Workplace Wellness Guide to all participants as a quick reference back in the office. This session is highly recommended for anyone considering something a little different for their next staff event.

Species Conservation Policy Branch

Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry (MNRF)

Andrew’s DeStressing workshop created the opportunity for our staff to have an open conversation about the ways we experience stress at our workplace, and to reflect the impact that has on our mental and physical wellbeing. Andrew was then able to provide us with strategies and tools that responded to our experiences and addressed our individual and group needs. The workshop was a positive experience, and since then, we have worked to implement a systems of prompts that reminds us to practice those strategies on a more consistent basis. Thanks again!

Brianna Salmon

Executive Director, Peterborough GreenUP

Andrew was a wonderful addition to our annual Staff Day retreat. About half of the evaluations rated the stretching and mindfulness stress reduction techniques led by Andrew as the best part of our whole staff day! This speaks to the nice balance Andrew strikes within the time he is scheduled for. His workshop was accessible for everyone, and accommodated many different comfort levels – providing options all along the way. We would be delighted to have Andrew come back in future years, and would recommend him highly for anyone looking for accessible yoga instruction.

Hanah McFarlane

Manager of Philanthropy & Fund Development, Community Counselling & Resource Centre (CCRC)

Why Balance At Work?

I sat at a desk for almost 20 years as a full-time university student and government employee. I know exactly how it feels and how it affects your body, and I’ve developed a yoga series that targets the areas in your body that suffer from prolonged sitting. I also bring a calm, encouraging manner to my sessions, which makes even newcomers to yoga feel safe and comfortable. Here’s what previous workplace wellness clients have had to say about my services.

Would you recommend a presentation or a workshop for my team?

The main distinction between a presentation and a workshop is that the presentations focus more on the “why” side of the topic with a brief introduction to the “how,” whereas the workshops are all about “how”… how to relief stress; how to move throughout the day.  If time and budget permit, a presentation followed by a workshop offers the complete picture.

But we don’t sit all day in our workplace…

Sitting, standing, or moving all day can all take their toll on your body. I’ve taught almost 1,000 yoga classes and led several workshops over the past 3 years and can easily develop a workshop or session tailored to meet the demands of your line of work.

Your workplace doesn’t have the right space for yoga?

No problem! Send the team to my convenient downtown Peterborough practice space.

How much does it cost?

The cost of my services is based on several factors, including the type and duration of service, how many people are involved, and location. I can also develop custom-tailored talks, retreats, and workshops. I would be happy to help find a solution that works.

Ready to bring this into your workplace?

I’d love to discuss your workplace wellness needs and how I can help you meet them. Give me a call or send me an email to start the conversation.