Change Happens One Step at a Time

Spring. A time of new beginnings. Of transformation. Of change. It’s the time of year when the daily changes around me – new birds returning from their wintering grounds, new flowers presenting their glory – lead me to reflect on the changes within me, both those that have happened in the past and those that I want to happen in the future. I struggle with winter and often feel relatively stagnant by the end of February. The early promise, followed by the genuine arrival, of spring always lifts my spirits.

I’ve undergone tremendous change over the past 3 years: my marriage dissolved and we sold our house; I left a permanent government position to become a freelance writer and editor but ended up becoming a yoga teacher instead; I’m in a relatively new relationship and continue to grow into the role of step-father; I went on an 11-day vision quest in the Arizonan desert; I completed my level 2 Reiki practitioner training. Some of these things I chose, and others I did not. Some of them involved changes to my external circumstances; all of them led to changes in my inner landscape, which required a certain amount of courage to go through. All of these changes forced me to reflect on who I am and what I want to give to, and receive from, this precious life.

Reflecting on these changes always inspires me to seek my edge and challenge myself to take the next step. To try something different. To learn something new. To BE a better version of myself. It also inspires me to help others do the same.

Change happens one step at a time. Go for it. Find your edge. Stand there and take in the view. Open your eyes, your mind, your heart.

Take a deep breath…

And then jump! Sign up for that course. Learn to play that instrument or to speak that language. Tell that person how you feel about him or her. Start that novel. Quit that job. Buy that plane ticket. Whatever it is, take the first step and let the magic that flows from stepping into your power unfold.

I look forward to hearing your tales. I hope you share them with me.


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