FREE YOGA! Balance At Work is 1 Year Old!

To celebrate Balance At Work’s 1-year anniversary and to express my gratitude, all classes are free to everyone during the week of November 16th, including current students, former students, and newcomers!

Classes will be held in the Jiyu-Shin Karate School (311 George Street, corner of Charlotte Street, kitty-corner to the Market Hall clock tower):

Workday De-stress (gentle Hatha)

Mid-week Recharge (fast-paced flow to music)

No classes November 1st-10th

I am going to Los Angeles to take a week-long Flow training through Moksha Yoga International. Looking forward to bringing some new knowledge and skills back home for your benefit!

Supporting Syrian Refugees

Salaam Peterborough – Families Helping Families is a group of fifteen co-sponsors in Peterboorugh who are bringing a family of Syrian refugees to Canada. I am offering a class from 12:10-12:50 on Friday, November 20th to help raise funds for this group. Participation is by donation, and all proceeds will go to this group. Feel free to check out their Facebook group (Salaam Peterborough – Families Helping Families). The class will be held at the Jiyu-Shin Karate School (311 George Street, corner of Charlotte Street, kitty-corner to the Market Hall clock tower).

Potential New Class: Stretch the Truth

I am considering offering a 90-minute class called Stretch the Truth (described below), and I am seeking your input to determine if/when to run the class.  I’d really appreciate it if you would take 2-3 minutes to complete this survey  to help me out (there are only 6 questions).

Class Description

We’ll start our 90 minutes together with a brief check-in, which is an opportunity to speak openly in a non-judgmental environment about what’s going on in your world and how it’s affecting your heart.  If you’ve never been a part of a listening circle, you may be surprised by how powerful being heard can be.  The check-in will be followed by 10 minutes of silent meditation.

After meditating, we’ll do 45-60 minutes of yoga together, which will start with about 10 minutes of Yang-style yoga (powerful, flow-based movement) and be followed by Yin yoga (gentle stretching in longer-held poses).
We’ll the close the experience with a few more minutes of silent meditation and a check-out.

10-class pass

Perfect for those with an irregular schedule or vacation plans, or who want to take more than one class each week. 10-class passes offer more flexibility by allowing you to take any class and expire 3 months after their first use ($125, including HST).

Gift Certificates Available

It’s far too early to be thinking about Christmas, isn’t it? But just a reminder that I offer gift certificates for yoga and Reiki… what better gift than the gift of stress relief?


I offer Reiki treatments at the 360 Wellness Clinic. Reiki is hands-on, non-manipulative energy work done fully clothed on a massage table. It can be extremely relaxing or extremely therapeutic, depending on the intention you bring to the session and what your body/mind needs at the time. The Reiki practitioner channels “rei ki” (a Japanese term often translated as “universal life energy”) from his or her hands into the client, and the client’s body uses the energy in the way that it needs it at the time. As such, the Reiki practitioner is not a healer, but a conduit for healing energy.

Reiki has helped me physically and emotionally over the past couple of years, and I am excited to be able to help others in this way. Contact me if you would like to book a treatment.

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