I taught my 1,000th yoga class yesterday.

Yoga sure can be a great physical workout.

But it can also be so much more than that. It can…

relieve stress. A yoga class is a chance to take an hour-or-so retreat from the busy-ness of life to meet your own needs, instead of meeting everyone else’s.

… be a mindfulness practice. Time on your mat is time to be present in the moment, focussed on your breath and movement and energy and nothing else.

build community. Your classmates, family members, and co-workers are people with joys and sorrows of their own. As you grow to accept our own limitations – to feel greater self-compassion – you may grow to accept theirs, as well – to become more compassionate towards others. Every person we meet has the potential to become a friend or mentor.

heal the body. A well-designed practice will strengthen and stretch your entire body while keeping you safe from injury.

heal the heart. Over time your yoga mat becomes a safe place for emotional release and healing. It’s important that the studio you practice in makes you feel safe with this type of authentic emotional experience.

Yoga is all of these things to me. It helped me move through some very difficult times in my life. I am healing a body that sat at a desk for twenty years. I have come to know uncountable wonderful people. I have tools for managing the stresses challenges that life throws my way.

Every class I teach is still an honour and a privilege for me, a chance to not merely share the physicality of yoga, but also to support others in reducing stress, meeting their own needs, and healing their bodies and hearts. My intention as a yoga teacher is to help others through yoga in the same way that others have helped me through yoga. Deep gratitude to all my teachers!

I’d love to hear your story: What brought you to yoga and how has your journey evolved over time?

Never tried yoga?

It’s not too late 😉