Balance At Work

Established in November 2014, Balance At Work differs from other yoga providers in the region by developing and offering yoga sessions and workshops that are designed specifically to alleviate the physical challenges faced by employees. Services are offered both in the workplace and in a conveniently located downtown studio. Anyone who wants to reduce the strain on their bodies from the workplace environment would benefit from Balance At Work’s┬áservices.

Balance At Work’s Business Philosophy

Balance At Work is committed to the “triple bottom line,” which means that in addition to┬ámaintaining long-term financial viability, business decisions will always consider the effects that its activities will have on society and the environment.

To support this objective, Balance At Work strives in all of its business activities to:

  • purchase goods and services from local businesses whenever possible;
  • purchase from socially and environmentally responsible suppliers whose products come with minimal packaging whenever possible;
  • minimize its fuel consumption from driving and participate in a carbon offset plan to maintain net-zero carbon emissions from driving (e.g., Terra Pass);
  • use 100% recycled paper or non-wood-fibre products for its office supplies; use FSC-certified paper products when recycled ones are not available;
  • offer filtered water to students, rather than bottled water;
  • make use of used/recycled products where feasible (e.g., recycled printer cartridges), recycle as much of its waste as possible, and consider the biodegradability/recyclability of purchased items when making purchasing decisions;
  • pay fair wages to all service providers and employees that it does business with;
  • donate 1% of its gross sales to social and/or environmental organization(s) in its first year, with the longer-term objective of increasing this figure to 2.5%.