My Teaching Philosophy

Almost anyone can do and benefit from yoga.

Aside from a few specific medical situations, this is true, regardless of age, strength, flexibility, balance, etc. These things will all improve over time with ongoing practice.

If pain, no gain.

If anything we do doesn’t feel right in your body, don’t do it. There will be stretching and resistance, challenge and perhaps discomfort, but there should never be pain… if it hurts, then it’s not right for you, and we will seek a modification, support, or alternative that feels ok while achieving the same benefit.

Yoga is not a competition or a show.

Yoga is not about how you or your classmates look or forcing your body into a shape that you think it “should” achieve. Every body is different, so every body might look different when we get into a pose. Yoga is about how you feel in your body and becoming increasingly familiar with that over time so that your inner wisdom becomes your teacher and I simply your guide.

The practice space should be a safe space.

A practice space that feels safe as a place to explore yoga can allow those who are intimidated by yoga to explore their bodies and discover the benefits of yoga. Many who want to try yoga are intimidated by the idea of a large, brightly-lit space with mirror-lined walls and lots of people practicing in Spandex. I offer a small space with small group sizes, low lighting, and no mirrors and strive to maintain an atmosphere that is calm, non-judgmental, and a little bit playful.

Learn by asking.

Any question is worth asking. Please don’t hesitate to speak up if you have questions or need clarification.