What Balance At Work Clients are Saying

Workplace Wellness Services

Andrew Jobes’ Healthy Movement Workshop provided an excellent opportunity for our staff to come together and learn about increasing personal efficiency and wellness in an office environment. For staff reluctant to try something new, Andrew takes the intimidation away with simple, yet effective, exercises that are easy to understand and complete. With “gentle” and “deep” alternatives, individuals can choose how to participate based on personal comfort levels and can inquire about modified options to accommodate injuries.

Andrew’s upbeat and engaging personality was infectious! He had everybody participating, laughing, and ultimately benefiting from the workshop. Andrew goes above and beyond by providing his Workplace Wellness Guide to all participants as a quick reference back in the office. This session is highly recommended for anyone considering something a little different for their next staff event.
~ Species Conservation Policy Branch, MNRF

Andrew’s yoga instruction is well suited to those working in an office environment.  Having worked as a government employee Andrew understands the workplace culture and builds a strong rapport with his clients.  I am happy to recommend Andrew to anyone looking to build on their wellness regime, and especially those who work in an office environment.
~ Julie Lambert, a/Coordinator, Aquatic Research & Monitoring, MNRF

My organization (MNRF, Ontario Parks) retained the services and expertise of Andrew Jobes to provide a yoga-based stress reduction and healthy movement workshop at a staff training event on Wednesday December 14th 2016.

Andrew’s teaching style and instructions were excellent, and, most importantly, were specifically tailored to improve the health and wellness of people working in an office environment such as 300 Water Street.  Andrew was able to speak and instruct on healthy movements and exercises in an office environment with particular credibility because he has first-hand experience working in office environments, including 300 Water street, and understands the types of physical and emotional stress associated with employees in this building and field of work.

Andrew’s history and experience working in a variety of roles in the MNRF gives a level of comfort and trust that I would not normally have with other instructors.

Additionally, Andrew demonstrated compassion, practicality and was able to adapt exercises to suit employees with physical challenges in a judgement-free manner that encourages non-traditional participants of yoga to ‘try something new’, and feel good about doing so.

I would not hesitate to acquire Andrew Jobes yoga instruction services again in the future.
~ Brad Steinberg, Learning Program & Natural Education Coordinator, Operations & Development Section, Ontario Parks, MNRF

Andrew was a wonderful addition to our annual Staff Day retreat. About half of the evaluations rated the stretching and mindfulness stress reduction techniques led by Andrew as the best part of our whole staff day! This speaks to the nice balance Andrew strikes within the time he is scheduled for. His workshop was accessible for everyone, and accommodated many different comfort levels – providing options all along the way. We would be delighted to have Andrew come back in future years, and would recommend him highly for anyone looking for accessible yoga instruction.
~ Hanah McFarlane, Manager of Philanthropy & Fund Development, CCRC

On May 25, 2016, our Branch, Mapping and Information Resources Branch, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry held an offsite staff training day. The theme for the day was “Outside the Cubicle” with emphasis on work/life balance. The Staff Day Committee had a number of recommended speakers, presenters and breakout session leads. I contacted Andrew and asked if he would be interested in giving the group as a whole an one hour presentation in the morning and then lead a breakout session for a smaller group in the afternoon.

The morning session was extremely well received with all in attendance participating in relaxation and stress relief exercises that can be done at our desks. The afternoon session was attended by as many as the room would allow. We did have to turn some staff away and ask them to choose a different session.

A satisfaction survey was distributed to all staff a few weeks after the staff day. The results of that survey indicated that both Andrew’s presentation and the breakout session were rated above all others. Andrew then followed up with a booklet, “Workplace Wellness Guide” and four weekly tip sheets that staff enjoyed. I would definitively recommend Andrew for any Yoga or Life/Balance sessions that he may offer.
~ Eric L. Ansell, OLS, Chair – MIRB Staff Day Committee, MNRF

Andrew’s DeStressing workshop created the opportunity for our staff to have an open conversation about the ways we experience stress at our workplace, and to reflect the impact that has on our mental and physical wellbeing. Andrew was then able to provide us with strategies and tools that responded to our experiences and addressed our individual and group needs. The workshop was a positive experience, and since then, we have worked to implement a systems of prompts that reminds us to practice those strategies on a more consistent basis.
~ Brianna Salmon, Executive Director, Peterborough GreenUP

Yoga Classes

Andrew is one of the best yoga teachers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. His instructions are lucid, clear, and delivered with the utmost compassion for his students and their own emerging body awareness. I felt the transformative effects of his approach after a single class. Highly recommended and with no reservations whatsoever.
~ Mark Dickinson

I have been attending Balance at Work yoga practices for about 18 months. Andrew is a wonderful, supportive and knowledgeable teacher. The yoga series he has developed for office workers is excellent and I have noticed a real improvement in my strength and flexibility. This spring I was thrilled to find that I was not stiff and sore after the first day of gardening. A big improvement! I can now manage the Pigeon and Reclining Hero, two poses I never thought I would be able to do. Having a comfortable and supportive space to practice yoga downtown is key to my continued involvement. Thank you Andrew.
~ Heather S., Planning Consultant, (female, 56)

I had some unpleasant Yoga experiences in the past so I was skeptical when I signed up for classes at Balance at Work. It wasn’t long before Andrew’s style and manner won me over. I knew after the first class that it was going to be a good fit. Andrew was welcoming – as were all the other people in the group. He always provides very clear step-by-step instructions, individual support and encouragement. He is approachable and a very good communicator – with I might add – a good sense of humour. One of the most exciting things for me was how quickly my strength increased over the weeks. I highly recommend the Balance At Work classes to kick start your day or de-stress at the end of a busy day.
~ Carrie Wakeford, Self-Employed Career Development Practitioner, Resume Developer and Trainer

As a yoga beginner it has felt like a gift to practice in a convenient downtown location with a great teacher. What I have come to appreciate is Andrew’s care and concern for each one of his students during their yoga practice. After sessions at Balance at Work I leave with an awareness of the physical and mental benefits yoga consistently provides me and is now something I look forward to every week.
~ Julia Bakker, Coordinator-Community Service Program (female, 31)

I can’t say enough about Andrew Jobes. He is the most caring and genuine man. My husband and I both attend his Thursday class. We consider it our date night. Andrew took us in after years of practicing yoga the wrong way and he helped us learn to connect with our breath and how to properly feel each and every pose. The way he communicates and demonstrates his practice makes it foolproof. I have recommended Andrew’s practice to many friends and continue to do so with the utmost confidence. I find his blogs incredibly insightful and feel that sometimes everyone needs a little Andrew in their life just to bring back perspective and clarity.
~ Stephanie and Scott

I have done yoga at various times in my life and am enjoying Balance at Work in particular. Andrew has created a lovely space – just my cup of tea. Low lighting, no mirrors, many thoughtful touches that make the experience enjoyable. He provides a workout that is refreshing, strengthening and relaxing, leaving me with a bounce in my step and a happy disposition to continue the work day. The level of intensity is perfect. Each student can go at their own pace, and alternative postures are provided to suit individual needs. Highly recommended!
~ ST, Administrator (female, 59)

I had the opportunity to join Andrew’s yoga classes in January, 2015 and I am very glad that I did. Andrew is a warm, caring and extremely intuitive yoga teacher. He takes the time to get to you know you as a person and works with you to provide a calming and peaceful experience. My work day often involves many meetings and computer work. Prior to participating in Andrew’s classes I was experiencing uncomfortable shoulder pain. Within a few weeks the shoulder pain had significantly diminished and through continued yoga practice the shoulder pain has now disappeared. The yoga series that Andrew has created and guides us through has made a tremendous difference in my physical strength, peace of mind and general well-being.
~ Heather (female, 54)

Two years ago I went on a weight loss journey that I wanted to be life long… not just a quick fix to losing weight, only to gain it back again. I thought about yoga for a long time, but didn’t believe I was physically able to do it and I didn’t know if I had the confidence to start something new and unfamiliar. I am also employed full time at an office in downtown Peterborough and finding convenient times to practice yoga was a barrier (or another excuse not to do yoga!). Then one day when out for a walk I noticed an advertisement for Balance At Work. The name alone, “Balance At Work” appealed to me and I made an assumption that the classes would be geared to other people who worked all day (and needed time in their day to bend and stretch) and for those who found it difficult to add one more thing to a busy schedule. The hours at Balance At Yoga allowed me to choose between classes that started before work, during lunch break or after work. Andrew’s style of teaching allowed me to feel comfortable. His kind, gentle, non judgemental manner allowed me to try new poses and find comfort in spending time to do something that I never thought I could accomplish. Now that I have lost 70 lbs and added yoga to my life, I feel more toned, flexible and relaxed thanks to Balance At Work and Andrew’s guidance.
~ SW (female, 44)

Six years ago I was told by a physiotherapist that I would be in a wheel chair within 10 years if I didn’t take action to exercise my body to make it more mobile. The physiotherapist recommended I take up yoga. I have been taking yoga sessions once a week since then and I can’t say enough positive things about how it has improved my quality of life. I am no longer injured as a result of the sports I play and I generally feel great!
~ RH, office worker (male, 66)


My reiki sessions with Andrew have given me such peace, clarity, and healing. Reiki has allowed me to work through some very deep emotions and stresses in my life, and Andrew has such an amazing ability and presence to hold a safe space for the release of these emotions and providing healing, knowledge, and insight into the mind-body-energy connection. I feel lighter and more centered after a reiki treatment.

Andrew is truly a light full of passion, knowledge, and professionalism. I would recommend this to everyone.
~ Rebecca

Andrew’s Reiki treatments are very helpful for my physical and spiritual growth. Reiki has been a wonderful energy therapy and has enabled me to have a fresh perspective on life’s adventures and challenges.

Andrew’s gentle energy and intuitive nature are the perfect combination for an energy practitioner, and his sessions are tailored to each client’s individual needs.

Andrew provides a secure and comforting environment for Reiki sessions, and his genuine love of humanity, and compassion for all is always evident. Andrew is a master at holding space, while at the same time facilitating the flow and balance of his client’s energy. The end result of the treatment, for me, is the feeling of empowerment and a deeper connection to my Self.

Our community is truly blessed to have such a gifted Reiki practitioner.
~ HJ

As one trained in reiki myself I have full confidence in recommending Andrew. Like any effective practitioner, he goes beyond methodology, to sensitive intuition, being totally, “with” a client. With Andrew you will feel true agape, and benefit from his reiki touch.
~ Robert Moreton

My second Reiki visit with Andrew took me to a whole new level of awareness, relaxation, and understanding. As Andrew moved through the treatment, I trusted he knew what he was doing and felt at ease relaxing and seeing where the journey went. I went from feeling very anxious, a little hyper, uneasy in my abdomen, and far from relaxed, to slowly feeling the technique unravel my tension, stress, and hyperactivity. I became so relaxed in my body that I didn’t feel as though I was really in my body anymore, rather gently resting, as every muscle, internal organ, and my mind, melted into a state a pure relaxation, surrender, and healing.

After the treatment, Andrew was great to talk to as I came back to the state of being up and fully awake. Andrew is very easy to talk to, trust, and has healing vibes all around him. I never really understood the Reiki thing, but now I feel it is truly a beneficial treatment, and if I could make the time I would be going monthly to keep things in balance.
~ Kierstin Henrickson,  Studio Owner, Moksha Yoga Peterborough

My reiki experience with Andrew was fantastic. I went into our session feeling a little nervous due to some horror stories I’d heard from people that I know, but Andrew instantly made me feel comfortable, welcome, and valued. Andrew is respectful, attentive, and caring, creating the most positive space possible for a reiki journey. One of the aspects I enjoyed most was that he ensured our time together had a definitive and positive conclusion, even stretching over our allotted time to guide me to such a place. I would highly recommend Andrew to anyone even slightly interested in reiki.
~ Nate G.

Almost 3 years ago I had just finished an extremely peaceful yoga class led by Andrew when he began talking about the magic of Reiki. Interested, I asked more questions. In his kind and gentle way, Andrew shared his own experience, and the passion, commitment, and deep caring were in his movements and in his words. I knew right then this was the person I could trust to honour and respect without judgement whatever flowed out from me during the experience.

We all have our “trunk” of fears, sorrows, hopes and dreams… Not too often would I lift that lid for someone to see, hear, and feel what was most precious to me, what scared me, and where I wanted to go. Andrew created the conditions in his space to make me feel safe to share as much or as little as I wanted during the session. After the treatment, Andrew followed up with an email to see how I was doing and to acknowledge and support the experience. There was never any judgement: it was all important and honored.

Reiki has and continues to change my outlook, my life experiences, and my relationships with others in a very positive way.

It is with great pleasure and gratitude that I speak so highly of Andrew Jobes. Andrew is a gifted Reiki practitioner. The trust he builds, combined with his deep caring and ability to hear, understand, and honour his clients is remarkable.
~ H.W.