Reiki-TreatmentsWhat is Reiki?

Reiki (ray-key) is a Japanese word that does not translate directly into English but that is often translated as “universal life energy.”

As a healing practice, Reiki is hands-on, non-manipulative energy work done fully clothed on a massage table. During a treatment, the Reiki practitioner channels energy through his or her hands into the client, and the client’s body uses the energy in the way that it needs it at the time. As such, the Reiki practitioner is not a healer, but a conduit for healing energy.

Reiki has helped me physically and emotionally, and I am excited to be able to help others in this way. I am a Level 2 Reiki practitioner in the Usui lineage, attuned by Reiki Master Paul Fox of Sacred Journey Therapy. I offer 30-to-90-minute treatments in my downtown Peterborough studio or your Peterborough or area home (a convenience fee applies to home visits).

What can a Reiki treatment do for me?

A Reiki treatment can be a relaxing experience that provides an opportunity for you to take some time for yourself to de-stress. It can also be extremely therapeutic, depending on the intention you bring to the session and what your body/mind needs at the time: some clients experience pain relief; others experience emotional releases.

Typically, the benefit you receive from a treatment will reflect what you need to receive, so long as you are ready for it. I realize that this sounds vague, but every Reiki treatment is different and somewhat unpredictable.

What happens when I come for a Reiki treatment?

After you arrive at my studio, we’ll spend a few minutes talking about what’s going on in your body and – to the extent that you’re comfortable – your mental and emotional life. This helps me understand where you’re coming from and for both of us to consider what you might like to achieve during the treatment. My fee is for the actual time spent on the table so does not include this preliminary discussion.

Having said that, although I believe that it’s ok to bring an intention to the treatment, sometimes what we need from a treatment isn’t what we think we need, so I encourage setting an intention and then letting go of it and staying open to what comes.

You would then lie on your back on a massage table, fully clothed and with a sheet and/or blanket on. I usually give treatments by candlelight and play a track of men chanting OM in a stone cathedral with ocean surf in the background. I would be happy to do this differently for you if you’d prefer more light and different or no music. It’s important for you to feel safe and comfortable.

And what about the treatment itself?

After you get on the table, I’ll leave you alone for a couple of minutes to wash my hands and let you settle in. This time allows you to begin to relax and to decide whether or not you would prefer silence over the chanting, more light, etc. You’re welcome to keep your eyes open or closed.

I start with a hands-off body scan, and then I place my hands on your head. Where I place my hands through the treatment will depend on our initial conversation and my intuition as the session progresses. Reiki is a hands-on treatment, but it’s not a massage. Wherever I place my hands, they will rest lightly and in stillness for several minutes.

A treatment can be done in silence, or you may prefer to talk about what you’re experiencing. I am neither a counsellor nor a therapist, but I am a good listener, and whatever is said during a session remains fully confidential.

I’m not sure I’m comfortable with touch…

The style of Reiki I offer is hands-on. Throughout the treatment, I’ll check in occasionally to see how you’re doing, and you are ultimately in control and free to say no to a particular hand position or even to stop a treatment whenever you wish. I will ask permission before placing my hands on your heart or over your pelvic region. In the case of the heart, I offer the option of placing a folded towel or pillow under my hand, and in the case of the pelvic region, I would place a pillow over your hips and my hand on the pillow. If we agree that your heart and/or pelvic region need work but you are uncomfortable with touch, I can hold my hand over your body without touch.

How much does it cost?

My rate is $60 per hour (plus HST). As indicated above, this is for the actual time spent on the table so does not include the time spent on pre-treatment discussion and post-treatment “grounding” (you may choose to rest a few minutes after the treatment before heading back into your day). Each Reiki session has its own natural cycle, which is typically about 1 hour but may be a bit shorter or longer. I offer 10% off for first-time clients. I would be happy to treat you in your Peterborough home. A $15 convenience fee applies for this.

Is Reiki covered by my benefits?

I haven’t yet heard of a benefit plan that covers Reiki treatments. Please let me know if yours does!


Great. Thanks. I’m ready to book a session. What next?

Wonderful! Let’s set up a time that works 🙂

My reiki sessions with Andrew have given me such peace, clarity, and healing. Reiki has allowed me to work through some very deep emotions and stresses in my life, and Andrew has such an amazing ability and presence to hold a safe space for the release of these emotions and providing healing, knowledge, and insight into the mind-body-energy connection. I feel lighter and more centered after a reiki treatment.

Andrew is truly a light full of passion, knowledge, and professionalism. I would recommend this to everyone.


Andrew’s Reiki treatments are very helpful for my physical and spiritual growth. Reiki has been a wonderful energy therapy and has enabled me to have a fresh perspective on life’s adventures and challenges.

Andrew’s gentle energy and intuitive nature are the perfect combination for an energy practitioner, and his sessions are tailored to each client’s individual needs.

Andrew provides a secure and comforting environment for Reiki sessions, and his genuine love of humanity, and compassion for all is always evident. Andrew is a master at holding space, while at the same time facilitating the flow and balance of his client’s energy. The end result of the treatment, for me, is the feeling of empowerment and a deeper connection to my Self.

Our community is truly blessed to have such a gifted Reiki practitioner.


My second Reiki visit with Andrew took me to a whole new level of awareness, relaxation, and understanding. As Andrew moved through the treatment, I trusted he knew what he was doing and felt at ease relaxing and seeing where the journey went. I went from feeling very anxious, a little hyper, uneasy in my abdomen, and far from relaxed, to slowly feeling the technique unravel my tension, stress, and hyperactivity. I became so relaxed in my body that I didn’t feel as though I was really in my body anymore, rather gently resting, as every muscle, internal organ, and my mind, melted into a state a pure relaxation, surrender, and healing.

After the treatment, Andrew was great to talk to as I came back to the state of being up and fully awake. Andrew is very easy to talk to, trust, and has healing vibes all around him. I never really understood the Reiki thing, but now I feel it is truly a beneficial treatment, and if I could make the time I would be going monthly to keep things in balance.

Kierstin Henrickson

Studio Owner, Moksha Yoga Peterborough

Almost 3 years ago I had just finished an extremely peaceful yoga class led by Andrew when he began talking about the magic of Reiki. Interested, I asked more questions. In his kind and gentle way, Andrew shared his own experience, and the passion, commitment, and deep caring were in his movements and in his words. I knew right then this was the person I could trust to honour and respect without judgement whatever flowed out from me during the experience.

We all have our “trunk” of fears, sorrows, hopes and dreams… Not too often would I lift that lid for someone to see, hear, and feel what was most precious to me, what scared me, and where I wanted to go. Andrew created the conditions in his space to make me feel safe to share as much or as little as I wanted during the session. After the treatment, Andrew followed up with an email to see how I was doing and to acknowledge and support the experience. There was never any judgement: it was all important and honored.

Reiki has and continues to change my outlook, my life experiences, and my relationships with others in a very positive way.

It is with great pleasure and gratitude that I speak so highly of Andrew Jobes. Andrew is a gifted Reiki practitioner. The trust he builds, combined with his deep caring and ability to hear, understand, and honour his clients is remarkable.


My reiki experience with Andrew was fantastic. I went into our session feeling a little nervous due to some horror stories I’d heard from people that I know, but Andrew instantly made me feel comfortable, welcome, and valued. Andrew is respectful, attentive, and caring, creating the most positive space possible for a reiki journey. One of the aspects I enjoyed most was that he ensured our time together had a definitive and positive conclusion, even stretching over our allotted time to guide me to such a place. I would highly recommend Andrew to anyone even slightly interested in reiki.

Nate G.

As one trained in reiki myself I have full confidence in recommending Andrew. Like any effective practitioner, he goes beyond methodology, to sensitive intuition, being totally, “with” a client. With Andrew you will feel true agape, and benefit from his reiki touch.

Robert Moreton