Lunch-hour Yoga Schedule

I’ll use this page to keep you informed of the current schedule, including any changes that come up. Please bookmark it to keep it handy.

Classes are from 12:10-12:55.

Questions? Email andrew [at] balanceatwork [dot] ca.

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JULY 2021

Live Streamed through Zoom
(12 classes)

2 (Fri): NO CLASS (resting an injured ankle)
 (Mon): Gentle Hatha
7 (Wed): Hatha
9 (Fri): Flow
12 (Mon): Gentle Hatha
14 (Wed): Hatha
16 (Fri): Flow
19  (Mon): Gentle Hatha
21 (Wed): Hatha
23 (Fri): Flow
26 (Mon): Gentle Hatha
28 (Wed): Hatha
30 (Fri): Flow


Live Streamed through Zoom
(10 live classes + recorded classes)

NO LIVE CLASSES Mon 2nd — Fri 6th (Vacation)
9 (Mon): Gentle Hatha(Wed): Hatha
11 (Wed): Hatha
13 (Fri): Flow
16 (Mon): Gentle Hatha
18 (Wed): Hatha
20 (Fri): Flow
23  (Mon): Gentle Hatha
25 (Wed): Hatha
27 (Fri): Flow
30 (Mon): Gentle Hatha